How to make Wudhu: Full Explanation

Permissible water:

Understand the type of water that you are using is permissible for Wudhu, further information regarding this can be found here.

Niyyat (Intention):

  • It is Sunnat to make the Niyyat for wudhu.
  • For Wudhu one should make the Niyyat at heart that he is performing Wudhu to get rid of Hadas-e-Asgar.
  • Hadas-e-Asgar: Means the need of Wudhu.

Practical demonstration:

Du’a before commencing Wudhu:

from Taleemul Haq

Du’a before commencing Wudhu

1. To wash one’s hands,face and feet, etc. before performing Namaaz is called Wudhu or Ablution. No Namaaz/Salaah is accepted without Wudhu.
2. One should sit on a high and clean place to perform Wudhu. Face the direction towards the Holy Ka’ba Sharif if possible.
3. Using Taahir (clean) water first was both the hands up the wrists 3 times.

Person washing hands

Washing hands

4. Use a Miswaak (Wood-Stick toothbrush) to clean the teeth (if available). It is Sunnat to make Miswaak during Wudhu, using a Miswaak increases the reward of a Namaaz 70 times.

5. Gargle the mouth 3 times

Person Gargling their Mouth

Gargling Mouth

6. Thereafter take water up to the nostrils 3 times with the right hand and clean the nose with the left hand.

Person cleaning their Nose

Cleaning Nose

7. Then wash your face 3 times. Wash from the hairy part of the forehead to below the chin from one ear lobe to the other.

Person Washing Face

Washing the face

8. Then make Khilaal of the beard (pass wet fingers through the beard).

9. Thereafter wash the right hand including the elbows 3 times.

Washing right hand

Washing right hand

10. Then wash the Left hand including the elbows 3 times.

Washing left hand

Washing left hand

11. Then make Khilaal of the fingers (pass water through the fingers).

12. Thereafter wet the hands and pass them over the head, ears and nape once only. It is known as Masah.

Correct Procedure of Masah

Correct procedure for Masah



13. Now wash both feet including the ankles 3 times. First the right foot then the left foot.

Washing feet

Washing feet

  • Please note: Use left hand for Khilaal of toes and when washing feet
  • First was the right foot including the ankle and then make Khilaal of the toes
  • Beginning with the little toe on the right foot
  • then wash the left foot including the ankle and then intake Khilaal of the toes
  • Completing at the little toe of the left foot


Dua after completing Wudhu

Dua after completing Wudhu

Further details of Najaasat:

Examples of Najaasat-e-Ghaliza:

Urine and stool of human beings and the excretion of all animals and the urine of all Haraam (forbidden) animals, flowing blood of human beings and animals, wine, fowl and duck excretion.


Urine of Halaal Animals (animals permitted for eating) and the excretion of Haraam birds.


Whether Najaasat Haqeeqi (Ghaliza or Khafifa) is on the body or cloth can be cleaned by washing three times. After every wash the garment must be squeezed.

Table of different Najaasat‘s:

Najaasat Table

Najaasat Table