Angels of Allah

Who are the Angels of Allah?

  1.  Allah has created Angels out of light and gave them various duties to perform.
  2. They are not visible to us.
  3. They do not commit sin nor do they disobey Allah.
  4. They do what Allah has ordered.
  5. We do not know their exact number.
  6.   We know of four famous Angels. They are :
    1. Hazrat JIBRAEEL Alayhis Salaam.
    2. Hazrat MICHAAEEL Alayhis Salaam.
    3. Hazrat IZRAAEEL Alayhis Salaam.
    4. Hazrat ISRAAFEEL Alayhis Salaam.
  7. Hazrat JIBRAEEL (AS) brought Allah’s Book, Orders and messages to all the Prophets. He was also sent to help the Prophets at times and fight against their enemies.
  8. Hazrat MICHAAEEL(AS) is in charge of food and rain. Other Angels work under him who are in charge of clouds, the seas, the rivers and the winds. He gets the order from Allah. He then orders the others who are under his command.
  9. Hazrat IZRAAEEL (AS) takes away life with the order of Allah. He is in charge of death. Numerous Angels work under him. Some take away the lives of good people whilst others take away the lives of sinners and disbelievers.
  10. Hazrat ISRAAFEEL (AS) will blow the SOOR ( TRUMPET) on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT. The sound will destroy and kill everything that is on earth and in the skies. When he will blow for the second time all will come to life with the order of Allah.
  11. There are two Angels that are always with every person. One writes all his GOOD DEEDS whilst the other enters all his BAD DEEDS. They are known as KIRAAMAN-KAATIBEEN.
  12. The MUNKAR and NECKER question a person in the grave.
  13. Some Angels are in charge of the HEAVEN, some of the HELL, some of looking after children, the old, the weak and others whom Allah wishes to protect.
  14. From the QURAAN and HADITH we come to know that various other Angles are in charge of various other duties.