Conditions for saying the Jumuah Salaah

The conditions for saying the Jumuah Salaah are:

  1. The Jumuah Salaat should be in a city, BIG VILLAGE or a TOWN like the CITY. It is NOT PROPER, to perform the Jumuah Salaat in a SMALL VILLAGE.
  2. Jumuah should be performed at Zohr time.
  3. KHUTBAH (address by the Imam) should be delivered BEFORE the Salaah.
  4. The Salaah should be read with Jamaat. It is compulsory to have at least three men besides the Imam to offer the Salaah or else the Salaah will not be valid.
  5. IZNE AAM (permission to all to attend).

*If all these FIVE CONDITIONS are found, only then performing of the Jumuah Salaah will be CORRECT.