Things which are MUSTAHAB and SUNNAT on EID DAYS:

  1. To take a BATH and use MISWAAK.
  2. To put on one’s BEST CLOTHES.
  3. To use ITR.
  4. To eat DATES or any other SWEETS before going for the EIDUL FITR Salaat.
  5. To give SADAQATUL FITR BEFORE going for the EIDUL FITR Salaat.
  6. To perform the Eid Salaat at the EID GAAH (a place fixed for EID Salaat outside the population).
  7. To go by FOOT towards the EID GAAH. (Walking)
  8. To go by ONE ROUTE and return by ANOTHER.
  9. NOT to perform NAFL at HOME or at the EID GAAH BEFORE and AFTER the EID Salaat.
  10. To EAT the MEAT of QURBAANI (sacrifice) of one’s own offering, after the EIDUL ADHAA Salaat.
  11. It is MUSTAHAB to say TAKBIR ALOUD while going for EIDUL ADHAA Salaat.
  12. Both the Eid Salaat are WAAJIB upon all those on whom the JUMUAH Salaat is FARZ.
  13. The conditions for Eid Salaat are the same as those for Jumuah.
  14. However, KHUTBA is NOT Farz for EID nor is it Farz to be said BEFORE the Salaat.
  15. KHUTBA after Salaat is SUNNAT.
  16. There are TWO Rak’aats in each of the TWO Eid Salaat with SIX extra TAKBIRS.
  17. There is NO Azaan or Iqaamat.

*On EIDUL FITR one should say TAKBIR in a LOW voice while going for Salaat.