How can you help?

E-Muslim requires assistance with:

  • Capturing content: Extracting Data from specific Kitaabs in digitizing basic information for all to learn.
  • Auditing content: Auditing content extracted in ensuring that the content provided has no errors or mistakes. We generally prefer scholarly individuals such as Ulema, Moulana’s or prominent students of Islam to serve as Auditors.
  • Suggesting new formats for existing concepts and content: Some content is difficult to understand in one format but may be easier to understand in another. E.g. text may be harder than a picture for one concept, however three lines of text may be easier than a large diagram for another concept.

Should you wish to contribute in any way or form please contact us through the contact form or email us at info [@] emuslim [dot] co [dot] za

Note: Due to the large number of emails and the small number of people who make up the core team, please acknowledge that whilst we attempt to answer every email, it may not be feasible to respond to all requests.