How the Janazah should be carried?


  1. If the deceased is an adult,  he should be put on a Janaazah (bier) and carried on the shoulders by four men. It is MAKROOH to transport the corpse by hearse over short distances unnecessarily.
  2. If the deceased is an infant or small child, it should be carried in the arms individually by different persons.
  3. All those who lift or carry the Janaazah they should recite BISMILLAH.
  4. When carrying Janaazah, the Mayyit’s head should be towards the front.
  5. The MUSTAHAB manner of carrying the Janaazah is that every bearer should carry the Janaazah for FORTY steps. To do this observe the following procedure:
    1. Carry the LEFT FRONT of the Janaazah for TEN steps, (the Mayyit’s right shoulder).
    2. Thereafter the LEFT REAR for TEN steps, (the Mayyit’s right foot.).
    3. Then the RIGHT FRONT for TEN steps, (the Mayyit’s left shoulder).
    4. Lastly the RIGHT REAR for TEN steps, (the Mayyit’s left foot). It should be done in such a manner that it does NOT cause any inconvenience to others.
  6. Those accompanying the Janaazah should NOT SIT before it is lowered to the ground. The sick and weak are excused from carrying the Janaazah.
  7. It is MASNOON to carry the Janaazah hastily, but NOT in manner that the body is JOLTED or SHAKEN about.
  8. It is MUSTAHAB to follow the Janaazah, and NOT to go AHEAD of it.
  9. It is MAKROOH for those accompanying the Janaazah to recite any Du’aa or Ayah of the Qur’an aloud. They may, however, read La ilâha illallah softly.
  10. One should abstain from speaking of WORLDLY affairs or laughing and joking.