• First of all the NIYYAT should be made as follows:
    “I am performing TWO Rak’aats of Eidul Fitr (or Eidul Adha) Wajib with six extra Takbeer behind this Imam, (Allahu Akbar)”.
  • Fold the HANDS after the Takbeer Tahrimi and read THANA.
  • Then raising both the hands up to the EARS bring them down after saying Allahu Akbar.
  • Do the same for the second time.
  • For the third time raise the hands up to the ears and saying Takbir fold them below the navel.
  • The Imam should read the Ta’awwuz, Tasmiah and Surah Fatiha along with another Surat and then go into RUKU.
  • When all stand up for the SECOND Rak’aats, the Imam should recite the QIRAAT and after that all should say TAKBEER and raise the hands up to the ears and let them down.
  • Again the hands should be raised up to the ears for the second Takbeer and let down.
  • Similarly for the THIRD Takbeer the hands should be raised up to the ears and let down again.
  • Then saying the FOURTH Takbeer everyone should go into Ruku and complete the Salaat as usual.
  • Then the Imam should stand up and deliver the Khutba and all should sit SILENTLY and LISTEN to the same.
  • There are TWO Khutbas also tor Eidain. The Imam’s sitting for a while in between the two KHUTBA is MASNOON.
  • It is WAAJIB To LISTEN to the Khutba of Eidain.