Makrooh Acts in Salaah


Doing a Makrooh act in Salaah causes the full blessing of Salaah to be lost although Salaah will not have to be repeated.

Some Makrooh acts in Namaaz are:

1. Reading Salaah Bare-headed due to laziness or carelessness and to expose the arms above the elbows.
2.Playing with clothes or the body
3.Performing Salaah in clothes in which people do not ordinarily like to go out.
4. To dust the floor with one’s hands to prevent soiling of clothes.
5.Performing Salaah when one has the urge to Urinate or pass stool.
6.To crack one’s fingers or putting of fingers of one hand into fingers of the other hand.
7.Turning the face away from the Qiblah and looking around.
8. It is Makrooh for men to rest both the arms and wrists on the ground in Sajdah.
9. Performing Salaah when another person facing him sits ahead.
10. Yawning intentionally and not preventing it if one can do so.
11. Closing the eyes, but if it is done to concentrate in Salaah it is allowed.
12. It is Makrooh for a Baaligh (mature) person to stand alone behind a saff (row) when there is place in the saff before him.
13. Performing Salaah in clothes with pictures of living objects on them.
14.Performing Salaah at a place where there is a picture of a living (animate) object above or on the right or left side of the Namazee (person performing Salaah) or on the place where he makes Sajdah.
15. To count Aayats, Surahs or Tasbeehs on fingers in Salaah.
16. Performing Salaah with a sheet or clothes wrapped on the body, in such a way that it makes it difficult to free the Hands quickly.
17. To Yawn and stretch arms to remove laziness.
18. Doing something against Sunnah in Salaah.