Masaa’il regarding the Mahram

Masaa’il regarding the MAHRAM:

  1. If the Mahram is a minor or one who is so irreligious that he cannot he trusted by even his mother and sister, then it is not proper to travel with such a person.
  2. When a trustworthy Mahram is found, it is not permissible for the husband to refuse permission for her to travel. Even if he refuses, she should still proceed to Haj.
  3. A girl almost attaining maturity should also he accompanied by a Mahram.
  4. A woman going for Haj (with a Mahram) should bear all the cost of the Mahram.
  5. If no Mahram is found by a woman all her life, it will not be regarded a sin if she does not perform Haj. However, such a woman MUST mention in her will that someone be sent for Haj on her behalf after her death.This will be binding on her inheritors provided it be possible to fulfill the Haj expenses from one third of her estate.