KHUF-FAIN are special types of socks. Instead of washing the feet during Wudhu, it is permissible to pass moist hands over such socks. This is known as MASAH ALAL KHUFFAIN.


  1. The socks must be strong enough to enable walking in them on roads for approximately three miles without tearing them.
  2. The socks should remain in a position (covering the foreleg) without being tied. They should not slip. Socks which have elastic sewn into them (to keep them in position) will be regarded as being tied.
  3. Water must not be able to seep through.
  4. The socks must not be transparent or even semitransparent.
  • If any one of the four conditions are lacking, Masah on such socks is not permissible. Khuffain on which Masah is made are generally made of leather. Socks made of wool, nylon etc, which are generally worn nowadays, are not classified as “Khuffain”. It is therefore, not permissible to do Masah on them. If socks are made of a material other than leather and the aforementioned four requirements are met, Masah will be permissible on them.
  • For the Masah Alal Khuffain to be valid, it is essential to put on the Khuffain after complete Wudhu has been made. If the Khuffain have been put on before a complete Wudhu has been made, Masah on them will not be
    permissible. Firstly, a complete Wudhu has to be made, only then should the Khuffain be put on. Thereafter if Wudhu breaks, it will be permissible to make Masah Alal Khuffain without washing the feet when Wudhu is being made.
  • For a MUQEEM (one who is not a traveler – MUSAAFIR) Masah Alal Khuffain is valid for a period of 24 hours. For a MUSAAFIR the period permissible is up to 72 hours.
  • The period of 24 or 72 hours will be reckoned from the time the Wudhu (after which the Khuffain were put on ) breaks, not from the time the Khuffain were put on. For example, a Muqeem makes Wudhu at 6 p.m. and after completing his Wudhu he puts on Khuffain. At 8 p.m. his Wudhu breaks, twenty-four hours will be reckoned from 8 p.m. Hence, it will be permissible for him to make Masah Alal Khuffain each time he takes Wudhu until 8 p.m. the next day.
  • Upon expiry of 24 hours, Masah Alal Khuffain will no longer be valid. When the period of (24 hours for the Muqeem and 72 hours for the Musaafir) expires, the KHUFFAIN should be removed and the FEET should be washed. It is not necessary to renew the WUDHU.