Mufsidaat-e-Namaaz (breakers of Salaah)


Mufsidaat-e-Namaaz are factors which nullify the Prayers (Salaah) and make it necessary to be repeated:

List of examples:

1. To talk in Salaah knowingly or unknowingly, a few words or many will nullify the Salaah.
2. To greet a person by Assalamu Alaikum, or by any other method while performing Salaah.
3. To reply to Greetings or saying Yarhamukallah to one who sneezes and saying Aameen to a du’a not connected to his Salaah.
4.To say Innaa Lil Laahi Wa Innaa Illahi Raaji”oon on some sad news or AlhumduLilah or Subhanallah on hearing some good or strange news.
5. To make noise or say “oh” or “aah” due to pain, etc.
6. Correcting the Qiraat of a person other than his own Imam.
7. To recite the Quraan by looking at the Text.
8. To do such an act which gives the impression to onlookers that he is doing something else, rather than Performing Salaah. This is called Amal-e-Katheer.

9.Eating or drinking knowingly or unknowingly.
10. To turn the chest away from the Qiblah without an excuse.
11. Doing Sajdah at a Najis (impure) place.
12.Delay in covering the Satr (private parts) when uncovered to the extent of one rukn (posture) in Namaaz.
13. Utterances in Pain and trouble
14. An Adult’s Laughing aloud.
15. To step ahead of the Imam during the Salaah
16. Making some great Error in the Qiraat of the Holy Quraan.