Mustahabs in Salaah

There are 5 Mustahabs (preferable acts) in Salaah:

1. To pull the palms out of the sleeves while saying Takbeer-e-Tahreemah.
2.Saying Tasbeeh more than 3 times in Rukoo and Sajdah by Munfarid (one performing Namaaz alone).
3. To keep the eyes towards the place of Sajdah in Qiyaam (standing), at toes in Rukoo, towards the lap in Qadah and Jalsah, and at the shoulders while turning for Salaam.
4. To try best not to cough.
5. To try and keep the mouth closed when Yawning, but if it is opened, to cover it by hand in Qiyaam and by the left hand in all other postures.