Other Masaa’il


  • A person delayed his FARZ of Haj. He thereafter becomes blind or so ill that he is unable to undertake the journey. Such a person should draw up a will for Hajje Badal after his death.
  • If one has left so much wealth after his death that after discharging his liabilities, Hajje Badal can be performed from one-third of the remaining wealth, then it is essential for the heirs of the deceased to carry out the will. If one-third is not sufficient to cover the expenses for Haj, then the heirs are not obliged to carry out the will. However, if they willingly make up the deficiency, then someone may be sent for Hajje Badal.
  • To use the wealth of Naa Baalighs (minors), even with their consent, is not permissible.
  • If one-third of the legacy was not sufficient to carry out the will and the heirs did not agree to part with their share, and thus Hajje Badal was not performed then the deceased is not sinful.
  • It is NOT proper for a woman in IDDAT, being widowed or divorced, to disrupt her Iddat and go for Haj.
  • While in Ihraam a woman should not cover her face with a cloth. A net is used for this purpose. It should be tied on the face in a manner that it does NOT TOUCH the face.