Persons that cannot be given Zakaat


  1. Zakaat cannot be given to Banu Haashim. The Banu Hashim are all the children of Sayyadatina Faatima R. A., and all members of Rasulullah Sallaho Alaihe Wa Sallam’s family and wives Radiyallahu anhunna.
  2. Zakaat cannot be given to one’s parents, grandfather etc. In the same manner one’s children and grandchildren, cannot be given Zakaat. A husband and wife cannot give Zakaat to each other.
  3. Zakaat contributions cannot be given to such institutions or organizations who do not give the rightful recipients (Masaarif) possession of Zakaat, but instead use Zakaat funds for construction, investment or salaries.
  4. Zakaat cannot be given to non-Muslims. The same ruling applies to Wajib Sadaqah i.e. Sadaqatul Fit’r, Kaffaarah, Ush’r and Naz’r. Naf’l Sadaqah could be given to non-Muslims.
  5. If one cannot determine whether the recipient is needy or not, then it is better to make certain before giving him Zakaat. If Zakaat is given without enquiry and subsequently it is known that the recipient is wealthy the Zakaat is not valid. It has to be given again.
  6. Zakaat will not be fulfilled by purchasing books for an institution, or land purchased for public utility and made Waq’f.
  7. Zakaat cannot be used for the Kafan of a deceased person who has no heirs, because at that time he/she cannot become the owner.
  8. A dead peson’s debt cannot be paid from Zakaat.