Requirements for Ghusl


  1. Clean Luke warm water.
  2. A broad bench, stand or platform.
  3. Two large buckets for warm water, one small bucket or utensil, this is for the water to be mixed with a little camphor for use at the end of the Ghusl.
  4. Two jugs or mugs for pouring water over the corpse.
  5. Leaves of BER tree (Zizyphus Jujuba) if easily available, to be mixed with the like warm water and a cake of soap.
  6. 250g. of cotton wool.
  7. Two Thebans and two bag like mittens with strips.
  8. A scissor for removing the deceased’s clothing.
  9. Lobaan (Frankincense-Aromatic gum resin obtained from trees) or any other Pure incense for smoking the bench, stand or platform.
  10. One clean sheet to cover during Ghusl and one to cover before after Ghusl.
  11. One clean towel or a piece of material for drying the corpse.