Salaah with Jamaat

What is Salaah with Jamaat?

Jamaat is the performing of Salaah by many persons collectively, in which the Imaam (leader) conducts the Salaah and those following him are called Muqtadees.

To perform the 5 daily Salaah with Jamaat is Waajib and to Neglect the Jamaat is very sinful.

Note: It is NOT Waajib upon women, children, sick persons, those nursing the sick, very old persons and the Blind to attend the Jamaat.

A Jamaat consists of at least 2 persons: the Imam and the Muqtadee. In case of 2: The Muqtadee should stand at the Right of the Imaam in such a manner that the Toes of the Muqtadee should be parallel to the ankle of the Imaam. If there are 2 or more Muqtadees, the Imaam should stand ahead and the Muqtadees behind.

The manner in which people should stand in Jamaat:

The Muqtadee’s should stand close to each other and in a straight row. No space should be left in between. Children should stand in the back row. It is Makrooh to include children in the men’s row.

If the Imam’s Salaah becomes Faasid (void) then the Muqtadee’s Salaah also becomes Faasid (void). It will be necessary for the Muqtadee to repeat the Salaah.