Sunnahs in Salaah


Question: What is meant by Sunnah in Salaah?

Answer: Things which have been proven to be done in Salaah by the Holy Prophet (SAW) but not so much stress has been laid upon them as is laid upon things Farz and Waajib, are known as Sunnah. If any of these are missed unknowingly, neither does it invalidate the Salaah nor does Sajdah Sahw become necessary. If these are left knowingly, the Salaah is valid and there is no need for Sajda Sahw. However, such a person is condemned.

There are 21 Sunnahs in Namaaz:
1. To raise the hands upto the ears before saying Takbeer-e-Tahreemah
2. While raising the hands for Takbeer, keep the fingers of both the hands raised and the palms facing the Qiblah.
3.Not to bend the Head when saying Takbeer.
4.Saying Takbeer-e-Tahreemah and other Takbeers ALOUD by the Imaam according to the need, while going from one Ruku (posture) to the other.
5.To fold the right hand around the left below the Navel.
6.Saying Sanaa’.
7.To recite Ta-awwuz.
8.To recite complete Bismillah
9.To recite only Surah Fatihah in the 3rd and 4th Raakat of Farz Salaah.
10. To say Ameen (softly)
11. To recite Sanaa, Ta-awwuz, Bismillah and Aameen softly.
12. To recite as much Qiraah as is Sunnat for every Salaah. The sequence is as follows:
12.1. For Fajr: From Sooratul Hujuraat (26th Juz/Para/Part upto Suraatul Ishiqaaq (30th Juz)
12.2. For Zohr, Asr and Esha: From Sooratul Burooj (30th Juz) upto Sooratul Qadr (30th Juz)
12.3. For Maghrib: From Sooratul Bayyinah (30th Juz) upto Sooratun Naas (30th Juz)

Note: When reciting Surahs from Qisaar Mufassal in Salaah, either read 2 consecutive Surahs or leave at least 2 Surahs in between, e.g. If reading Surah alFeel in the 1st Rakaat, then in the 2nd Rakaat either recite Surah alQuraish or alKausar or any Surah thereafter. Do not read AlMaa’oon after alFeel.
* This rule only applies to Surahs of Qissaar Mufassal.

13. To say Tasbeeh at least 3 times each in Rukoo and Sajdah.
14. To keep the back and the head in the same level, while holding the knees with fingers of both hands in Rukoo.
15. Saying by Imam Sami- Allaahu Liman Hamidah in Qawmah followed by RabbanaLakalHamd by the Muqtadee (follower). The Munfarid (one performing Namaaz alone) should say both Tasmee’ and Tahmeed.
16. While going into Sajdah, first place the knees, then the palms followed by the nose and lastly the Forehead on the ground.
17. In Qadah or Jalsah, placing the left foot on the ground Horizontally and sitting upon it totally and raising the right foot vertically so that the toes are facing the Qiblah and resting both the palms on the thighs (not the knees).
18. To raise the Index finger of the right hand as one says “Ash Hadu Allaa Ilaaha” in Tashahhud.
19. To recite Durood Shareef in Qadah Akheerah after Tashahhud.
20. To read Du’aa after Durood Shareef
21. To turn the face for Salaam towards the right first and then to the Left.