The Janaazah Namaaz

How to perform Janaazah Namaaz

The Janaza Salaat is FARZE KIFAAYAH on all Muslims present. It consists of FOUR TAKBEERS, THANA, DUROOD, and a MASNOON DUA for the deceased and TWO SALAAMS. All these, are said SILENTLY by both, the Imam and Muqtadis. Just the Imam should call out the Takbeer and Salaam aloud.

1. To stand and perform the Salaah.
2. To recite all the FOUR Takbirs.


  1. The body of the Mayyit should be placed with head on the RIGHT side of the Imam, who will face the Qibla.
  2. The Imam should stand in line with the CHEST of the deceased whilst performing the Salaat.
  3. It is MUSTAHAB to make an odd number of SAFS (rows) The Safs for Janaazah Salaah should be CLOSE to one another, because there are NO Sajdahs to be made.
  4. After the Safs are straightened the NIYYAT should be made. The Niyyat should be made thus : I am performing this Janaazah Salaah for Allah behind this Imam. (The Salaah being a Dua for the Mayyit.) After the Niyyat the hands should be raised up to the EARS, and the Imam should say Allahu Akbar loudly, and the Muqtadis softly. Then fold them under the navel similar to all daily Salaah.
  5. Then recite THANA softly: janaza1
  6. The Imam will then recite the Takbeer aloud and the Muqtadi softly for the second time. The hands should NOT be raised when saying this and all subsequent Takbirs. The Durood Ibrahim should now be read: janaza2
  7. Thereafter the Takbeer should be said for the THIRD time, and the following Du’aa be recited for an adult male or female:janaza3`Awf bin Malik t said that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) prayed a Janaazah and I heard him saying the following Du’a and I memorized it. The Du’a is: janaza4 janza5

For a child who has, not reached the age of puberty, the following Du’a should be recited after the THIRD Takbeer :

  • Du’a for a boy : janaza6
  • Du’a for a girl: janaza7

The Imam should say the FOURTH Takbeer and thereafter recite the Salaam aloud TWICE, while turning his face first towards the RIGHT shoulder and then once again while turning his face towards the LEFT. The Muqtadis should follow by saying the Takbeer and Salaam softly.