The Musaafir’s (Traveller’s) Salaah

  • In Shariat a person who intends to travel a distance of 77 kms (48 miles) or more is called a Musaafir.
  • A person who travels 77 kms or more and intends to remain at one’s destination for less than 15 days, is also a Musaafir.
  • A Musaafir who intends remaining at his destination for 15 days or more, will only be a Musaafir during his journey. Once he reaches his destination, he will not be a Musaafir.
  • A Musaafir should make Qasr of the Zohar, Asr and Esha (Fardh only), i.e. one must perform 2 Rakaat in the Farz Salaah only instead of 4 Rakaat.
  • There is no Qasr in the Fardh of Fajr and Maghrib. Similarly, there is no Qasr of Witr, Sunnah or Nafl Salaat.
  • A Musaafir who performs his Namaaz behind a Muqeem Imaam (who is not a Musaafir), should perform the full 4 Rakaat in the Zohar, Asr and Esha Fardh.
  • If the Imaam is a Musaafir and Muqtadee a Muqeem, the Musaafir Imaam should complete his Salaah after 2 Rakaat and thereafter he must ask the Muqeem to complete their Namaaz by saying: “complete your Namaaz, I am a Musaafir”. The Muqeem Muqtadee should then stand up and complete the remaining two Rakaat without reciting Surah Fatihah or any other Surahs. (they should just remain silent in Qiyaam).