The Shariah method of Dafn (Burial)


  1. After the Janaazah Salaah is performed the Mayyit should be buried as soon as possible. The Janaazah should be carried and placed at the Qibla side of the grave. The head should be on the RIGHT SIDE of the grave if
    one faces the QIBLAH.
  2. It is desirable that MAHRAMS or close relatives (of a females Mayyit) should enter the grave to lower the body. The husband should NOT enter the grave to bury his wife. It is NOT MASNOON (Sunnah) that there be an ODD number of people entering the grave. All those who enter the grave should face the Qibla.
  3. It is MUSTAHAB to hold a sheet over the grave while lowerig and burying a female. If there is fear of her Kafan opening then it is WAJIB to do so.
  4. It is MUSTAHAB for those present to recite this Du’a whilst the body is being lowered: JANAZA8
  5. After placing the body into recess of the grave it is Masnoon to turn it onto its RIGHT side to face the Qibla.
  6. The strips of cloth tied at the head side, chest and leg side should now be untied.
  7. The recess should then be covered with unbaked bricks, bamboo, or timber.