The Tawaaf

The Tawaaf

After Idtibaa face the Ka’ba in a manner that the entire Hajare Aswad remains on your right and the left shoulder towards Rukne Yamaanee.

  • Stand as close as possible to the Hajare Aswad.
  • Now say the Niyyat, which is Waajib.

The Niyyat is as follows:


(O Allah, I intend performing Tawaaf around Your sacred house, seven circuits for Allah, who is Mighty and Dignified, hence render it easy for me and accept from me.)

Then move sideways to your right, towards the Hajare Aswad (with the face and chest towards the Ka’ba until in line with (squarely opposite) the Hajare Aswad. This is Mustahab. If this is difficult, say the Niyyat while standing in the line with the Hajare Aswad (diametrically opposite).

When squarely opposite the Hajare Aswad, raise both the hands to the ears (as one does when beginning Salaah). Say this while raising the hands:


After lowering the hands, make Istilaam of the Hajare Aswad. A Mu’tamir (one performing Umrah) will discontinue with the Talbiyah after the first Istilaam.