Things that are Makruh while Fasting

The THINGS considered to be MAKROOH while FASTING are:

  1. To chew gum, rubber, plastic items or other such things.
  2. To taste any article of food or drink and spit it out. If a woman has a very ill-tempered husband, it is permissible for her to taste the food, provided it does not go down the throat.
  3. To collect one’s saliva in the mouth and then swallow it, trying to quench thirst.
  4. To delay a bath that has become FARZ knowingly until after Subha Sadiq.
  5. To use paste or tooth powder to clean one’s teeth. It is permitted to clean with a Miswaak of any fresh branch or root (tooth stick).
  6. To complain of hunger and thirst.
  7. To take the water too much up the nostrils when cleaning the nose.
  8. To gargle more than necessary.
  9. To quarrel, argue and use filthy or indecent words.
  10. To backbite, tell a lie and swear etc. are sinful acts even when one is not fasting.