Three types of Haj

There are Three types of Haj. They are:

  1. QIRAAN: To perform Umrah first in the months of Haj, (Shawwal Zil Qa’dah and the first 8 days of ZilHijjah) and thereafter to perform Haj with one Ihraam i.e. one will remain in the Haram of Makkah(varying from 5 to 14.5km in various directions) in the state of Ihraam from the moment the Meeqaat is entered until the Ihraam is released on the 10th Zil Hijjah.
  2. TAMATTU: To perform Umrah during the months of Haj and release the Ihraam. Thereafter to perform. Haj the same year without leaving the Meeqaat.
  3. IFRAAD: To perform Haj only during the days of Haj.

The one who performs:

  1. QIRAAN is called a QAARIN.
  2. TAMATTU is called a MUTAMATTE’.
  3. IFRAAD is called a MUFRID.

According to the Hanafi school of thought Qiraan is considered the best. Thereafter Tamattu’ and lastly Ifraad.