Times it is Permissible to break one’s Salaah


1. When there is an Urge to pass Urine or Stool
2. When a snake, scorpion or some other Harmful creature or animal makes it’s appearance.
3.When one fears that a train or transport on which one is to travel would depart and thus cause Great Inconvenience.
4.When one fears that a thief would get away with his shoes or any other property.

Note: It is Waajib to break one’s Salaah in order to answer a parent or a Grandparent who has called out in distress.Nevertheless it is not necessary when someone Is around to assist.

It is Farz to break one’s Salaah when it is feared that a blind person would fall into a pit or a well if he is not stopped. It is Farz to Break one’s Salaah when some person has caught on fire and requires assistance.