Waajib (Necessary acts) in Salaah


Singular: Waajib Act

Plural: Waajibat

Question: What does Wajibaat-e-Namaaz mean?

Answer: Wajibaat are those items that are necessary to complete the Salaah. If one misses any one of them unknowingly, this mistake can be compensated by performing Sajdah Sahw (Sajdah dones for mistakes made unknowingly)

The method of performing this Sajdah is that after the Tashahhud of the last Rakaat, make 1 Salaam to the Right only and perform 2 Sajdahs and thereafter read the complete Tashahhud, Durood and Du’aa. Make Both Salaams thereafter.

If one does not perform Sajdah Sahw or if one misses a Waajib knowingly, it is necessary to perform that Salaah all over again.

There are 14 Wajibaat in Namaaz:

  1. Fixing the first 2 Rakaat of the Farz Salaah or Qiraah.
  2. It is Waajib to recite Surah Fatiha in all the Rakaats of every Salaah. However in the third and fourth Rakaats of any Farz Namaaz, it is Sunnat to recite the Surah Fatiha.
  3. To recite a Surah or a lengthy Ayat or 3 small Aayats (equivalent to 1 long Ayah) after the Surah Fatiha in the first 2 Rakaat of Farz Namaaz and in all the Rakaat of waajib, Sunnat and Nafl Salaah.
  4. To read Surah Fatiha before any other Surah or Ayat.
  5. To maintain order between Qiraah, Rukoo Sajdah and Rakaat.
  6. Qaumah (standing up straight after Rukoo)
  7. Jalsah (sitting between the 2 Sajdahs)
  8. Ta’deel-e-Arkaan, i.e. performing Rukoo, Sajdah, etc. with contentment and in a good way.
  9. Qa’dah-Oolaa or sitting to the extent of saying Tashahhud after 2 Rakaat (in Namaaz of 3 or 4 Rakaat)
  10. To read Tashahhud in the 2 Qa’dahs.
  11. To recite Qiraa-ah aloud by the Imam in the first 2 Rakaat of Fajr, Maghrib, Esha, Jumuah, Eidain and Taraweeh Salaah. The Qiraah in all 3 Rakaat of Witr which is  performed with Jamaat (congregation) during Ramadaan, is also read aloud. The Imaam should recite Zuhr and Asr Namaaz silently.
  12. To end Salaah by saying Salaam.
  13. To say Takbeer (Allahu-Akbar) for Qunoot in Witr Salaah and also recite Duaa-e-Qunoot.
  14. To say 6 additional Takbeers in both Eid Salaah.