What is Najaasat? (Filth)


  • Najaasat-e-Haqeeqi is the Najaasat which can be seen (External impurity) eg. urine, blood, stool and wine.
  • Najaasat-e-Ghaliza is Dense (heavy) types of Najaasat e.g. Urine and Stool of human beings.
  • Najaasat-e-Khafifah is Lighter types of Najaasat e.g. Urine of Halaal Animals



  • Najaasat-e-Hukmi is that Najaasat (impurity and filth) which cannot be seen, e.g. (a) Hadath (b) Janabah.
  • Hadath: to be without Wudhu.
  • Janabah: state of a person on whom Ghusl. or bath has become compulsory.
  • It is necessary that one’s body should be free from both types of Najaasat before performing Salaah.
  • Further details about Najaasat can be found here.