When is Tayammum permitted?

  1. When water is not available within a radius of approximately 1.7 Kilometers (one mile).
  2. When there is fear of any enemy or a dangerous animal or a snake near the water.
  3. When the water is so little that, if the water is used up for Wudhu or Ghusl then there is fear of thirst.
  4. When there is no rope or bucket to draw water from a well or one cannot reach water that is nearby (due to some reason) and no other person is available to fetch the water.
  5. When it is known by one’s own experience or a capable doctor says that the use of water would definitely be injurious to one’s health.
  6. When one does not have sufficient amount of money to pay for water which is being sold.
  7. Or if water is sold at a very ridiculous price.
  8. One is at a place where there is no water, he himself guesses or someone tells him that water is available within approx one mile. It will then be necessary to fetch water and perform Wudhu and Tayammum will not be permitted.
  9. It will not be necessary to fetch water if:
    1. there is no trace of water;
    2. no one is present to give information regarding water;
    3. It is believed that water will be found after a distance of approx. I mile or more.
    4. Tayammum will now be permissible for Wudhu.
  10. If so little water is available that a person can only carry out the four Fardh of Wudhu, then Tayammum is not permissible.
  11. If something Najis had fallen on the ground or sand etc., it is not permissible to use that earth for Tayammum even if it dries up. But Namaaz on that place is permissible after it has become dry.


If there is very little water, and one is in need of Ghusl or Wudhu and his clothes and body is also Najis (Napaak) what should one do?


First: One should wash off the NAJAASAT from one’s body and clothes. Then: Do TAYAMMUM.

Please note:

  • Tayammum is permissible if one is on the point of missing the:
    • Janazah Namaaz
    • Eid Namaaz
  • There is no Qazaa for these two Namaaz.
  • It will not be necessary to repeat the Namaaz already performed for water is found after the Namaaz.
  • The duration of Tayammum is as long as water is not available or the helplessness continues which can last for years.