Who should be appointed an Imaam in the absence of a fixed Imam

(In order of preference):

  1. The person who knows the Masaa-il (rules) of Salaat well provided that he is not a Faasiq (an open sinner). * If all present are equal in knowledge or if no such person exists, then:
  2. A person who can recite the Holy Quraan well.
  3. Thereafter a person who is pious.
  4. Then the Oldest person.
  5. Thereafter a good-mannered and kind.

However, if there is a fixed Imaam in a Musjid, then he will still deserve the Honour to be Imaam.

Note: It is Makrooh to make a Faasiq, an ignorant person or one who indulges in Bid-‘at (innovation) or one who is NOT very careful in observing the rules of Shariat, an Imaam.