Wudhu and Ghusl: Water that is allowed to be used

Wudhu and Ghusl is ALLOWED with the following water:

  1. Rain water
  2. Well water
  3. Spring, Sea or river water
  4. Water of melting snow or hail
  5. Water of a big tank or pond

Water left over after drinking by human beings, Halaal animals and Halaal birds (e.g. cows, goats and pigeons) is TAAHIR (clean)

Wudhu and Ghusl is not allowed with the following water:

  1. All Najis (unclean) or Napaak (filthy) water
  2. Water extracted from fruit and trees
  3. Water that has changed its color, taste and smell and becomes thick because something was soaked in it
  4. Small quantity of water in which something Najis (unclean) has fallen, e.g. Urine, Blood, stool, or wine or some animal had passed away after falling into it
  5. Used water of Wudhu or Ghusl
  6. Water left over after drinking Haraam (forbidden) animals, e.g. dogs, pigs or animals of prey.
  7. Water which a cat drinks immediately after eating a mouse is Najis (unclean).
  8. Water left by a person who has just drunk wine is Najis (unclean).

Please note: More information about rules around water can be found here.