Muslim Dictionary – Sorted A-Z

# Spelling used on eMuslim Alternatives Definition
1 Adhaan Azaan, Azan, Call to Prayer Call for Prayer (Salaah) generally made at a Musjid, or other Muslim place of worship (Jamaat Khana)
2 Aqeeqah Aqeeqa, Slaughter Sacrificing of an animal upon the birth of a new born baby
3 Dafn Dafan The process of Burial for a muslim
4 Dua Duaa,Du’a Praying to ALLAH, Supplication
5 Eid-ul-Adha Eidul Adha, 2nd Eid Muslim Religious day of celebration in the month of Zil Hijjah. Key characteristic is Slaughtering of an animal
6 Eid-ul-Fitr Eidul Fitr, 1st Eid Muslim Religious day of celebration after the completion of Fasts in the month of Ramdaan.
7 Farz Fardh, Fard, Compulsory acts Something that has been made compulsory by Allah taa’ala
8 Fasting Saum Abstinence from eating, drinking and mating from early dawn till sunset. The compulsory fasts being that of Ramadaan.
9 Fidya Fidyah, Compensation Payment for non-fulfilment of the compulsory acts of salaah and fasting.
10 Ghusl Bath, Bathing, Cleasning oneself in a major way Ghusl is an Arabic term referring to the full body ablution (washing) required, if the adult loses the state of body cleanliness. Bathing.
11 Haj Hajj, Major Pilgrimage Fulfilment of sacred rituals in the holy lands in Makkah Mukarramah, in the days of Haj.i.e. 9-13 Zul Hijjah. Visiting the House of Allah (Ka’aba)
12 Halal Animal Halaal Animals permitted for eating. Animals slaughtered by the permission of Allah, in a most humane way (scientifically proven) in order to remove all properties that are harmful for human consumption
13 I’tikaaf Itikaf Formally staying in a Masjid (or place of Worship (Women) (i.e. for a period) for Ibaadat (Worship) for a particular number of days.
14 Iddat Iddat,Mourning A fixed period of time that a widow has to wait after seperation from her husband (by divorce or the demise of her husband), to remarry.
15 Ihraam Ihram The physical state and appearance of a pilgrim during the days of Haj. This includes the type of clothing worn.
16 Imaan Faith, Iman, Belief To belief in Allah, the Angels, the Books, the Messangers and the Day of Judgement and that Good and Bad Fate is from Allah alone and ones resurrection after death.
17 Imam Imaam One who leads the congregational prayers
18 Istinja Cleansing oneself, Cleansing oneself in a minor way Cleansing oneself after relieving oneself with water or paper (or clods of clay) if water is not available, following some principles of cleanliness
19 Janaabat Janabat A bodily state of inherent impurity after a male and female mate.
20 Janaazah Janazah, Funeral proceedings, Burial Proceedings Loosely used to describe the Funeral proceedings of a deceased Muslim, more specifically relates to the actual Prayer (Salaah) performed just before burial of a Muslim
21 Jumuah Juma,Jumua Friday congregational prayers that takes the place of the Zohr prayers normally performed just after midday.
22 Ka’aba Ka’bah, ka’ba the Ka’ba is the House of Allah, which is in the city of Mecca (Makkah).
23 Kaffarah If someone breaks a fast willingly, then he has to keep one fast after another for sixty days continuously
24 Kafn Kafan A shroud used to wrap the deceased
25 Khilaal khilal The passing of wet fingers between the beard, fingers or toes.
26 Mahram A person with whom mrriage is forbidden due to being related either through blood or marriage.
27 Makrooh Makruh Something that is disliked and should refrained from
28 Masaa’il Specific rules, Rules pertaining to a related event or commandment.
29 Masaarif Musarif People to whom zakaat should be given
30 Masah (Socks) Khuffain To pass moist hands gently over ones feet in Wudhu
31 Masjid Musjid, Mosque, Place of Worship, JK, Jamat Kana A place where Muslims offer prayer in congregation
32 Masnoon Sunnat Any action that is mentioned in the hadith, sayings of the Prophet (S.A.W)
33 Mayyit Mayyet, Mayit The deceased person
34 Miswaak Miswak A stick used to brush teeth
35 Muhtadhar ? One’s intention to perform a task
36 Musalla Prayer Mat, musallah a cloth upon which Salaah is performed.
37 Mustahab Something that was liked by Rasulullah SAW, and is Preferable to be performed.
38 Nafl Nafil, Optional Something that is not compulsory to perform, but the performer is rewarded by Allah for doing so.
39 Najaasat Najasat Filth
40 Nawaqis Things that nullify (break) Wudhu or Bath.
41 Nisaab Minimum wealth the minimum amount of wealth that is required for zakaat to be made compulsory
42 Niyyat Intention One’s intention to perform a task
43 Qabr Grave Grave of a Muslim
44 Qabrastan Graveyard, Place of Burial Graveyard for Muslims
45 Qaidah Qa’dah the sitting position in salaah
46 Qaza qadha To perform something after its designated time
47 Qiblah The direction of the Holy Ka’bah Sharif is called the Qiblah
48 Qiraat Recital of Quran surahs in any Salaah
49 Qurbani Slaughter Sacrificing of an animal (goat, sheep, cow, buffalo, camel) on the festival of Eidul Adha
50 Ramadan Ramadaan, Fasting month Refers to the islamic month on the Islamic calendar which is a Lunar calendar.The month in which Fasting (saum) is compulsory
51 Sa’ee Walking
52 Saa’imah Animals that graze on open fields for most part of the year and are kept for milking and fatenning
53 Sadaqatul Fitr A monetary contribution equivalent to 1/2 Saa’ wheat, flour to be given as charity before the Eid prayer for Eidul Fitr only. Its recipients are same as that of Zakaat
54 Salaah Namaaz, Prayer, Namaz, Salah Praying to Allah in the manner shown by Rasulullah (S.A.W).
55 Shariah Sharee’, shar’i The code of action and conduct laid down in the Qur’aan and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).
56 Sunnat Sunnah Something that was performed and proposed by Prophet Muhammad(SAW) and should be followed
57 Ta’awwuz Seeking refuge
58 Ta’ziat Console, Bereaving the grief stricken people who have lost a loved one
59 Taharah tahaarah, taharat, cleanliness To attain cleanliness using water or clean earth. Purification of the body and clothes is called taharah. To have taharah for the body, one should do either ghusl or wuḍūʾ.
60 Talqeen To assist the one whose near death, to recall the Kalima of Tauheed and Shahaadat
61 Taraweeh Taraweeh, Night prayers Special Salaah of 20 rakaats performed only in Ramadaan after the Isha Salaah
62 Tasmiyah To take the name of Allah
63 Tawaaf Tawaf Revolving around the Ka’ba seven times, constitutes one Tawaaf.
64 Tawaaful-Ifaadhah That tawaaf after which, wearing colored cothing, using itr(scent) and cohabitation becomes permissible on the one whose doing Haj.
65 Tayammum Cleansing with earth To get rid of filth by using clean earth in a special way, when no water is available or certain conditions are met. Tayammum is the Islamic act of dry ablution using sand or dust, which may be performed in place of ritual washing (wudu or ghusl) if no clean water is readily available or if one is suffering from moisture-induced skin inflammation or scaling.
66 Thana Sana, Words of praise for Allah
67 Umrah Umra, Minor Pilgrimage Going to Makkah Mukarramah to visit Ka’ba and perform a prescribed ritual apart from the holy days of Haj.
68 Waajib Wajib, Waajibaat Something that is necessary or compulsory
69 Wudhu Wuzu, Wudu, wuhdu Wudhu is the Islamic procedure for washing parts of the body using water, typically in preparation for formal prayers (salat), but also before handling and reading the Qur’an. Wudhu is often translated as “partial ablution”, as opposed to ghusl, or “full ablution”. Muslims who are unable to perform the prevailing form of ablution due to skin inflammation or scaling or a disability, they are recommended to perform tayammum.(Wikipedia)
70 Zakaat Zakat, Wealth Tax To purify one’s position of wealth by distributing a prescribed amount of ones excess wealth which has to be given to the poor as a fundamental Ibaadat.
71 Sakraat Sakrat, saqraat a physical state of the body just before death The state of the body when the soul is being removed from the body.