The Qaza Salaat


Any Salaat performed in it’s time is called Adaa (pronounced Aza).

Farz and Waajib Salaat performed after it’s time has expired will be called Qadhaa (pronounced Qaza)e.g. if Asr Salaat is performed at Maghrib time, it will be called Qaza.


  1. To delay any Farz, Waajib or Sunnat-e-Muakkadah Salaah intentionally and cause then to become Qaza is very sinful.
  2. It is compulsory upon every Muslim to perform the missed number of Farz and Waajib Salaah since the time one has become Baaligh (become mature: reached the age of Puberty)
  3. If a persons total missed (Qaza) Salaah are less than six, then before beginning the performance of the Sixth Salaah in it’s time, Qaza of the missed number of Salaah will have to be performed in Order. e.g. if a person has missed the Fajr, Zohr and Asr Salaah and no other Salaah besides these are Qaza and the time of Maghrib has begun, in this case First the Fajr, Zohr and Asr must be performed in order and thereafter the Maghrib Salaah should be performed.
  4. If there is fear that be performing the Qaza Salaat, the time for the Adaa Salaah will expire. Then the Adaa Salaah must be performed first.
  5. For a person who has missed more than five Salaah, it is not necessary upon him to perform the Qaza Salaah in order. He may perform the Adaa Salaat first and then the Qaza Salaah.

The Niyyat of Qaza Salaah:

  1. When making Niyyat for Qaza, it is necessary to make Niyyat for the particular Salaah missed.
  2. If one has missed a number of Salaah, then one should make Niyyat (intention) thus: ” I am performing such and such day’s Fajr or Zohr”.
  3. If a person has missed more than one Fajr or Zohar, it will not be sufficient to say: ” I am performing Qaza for Fajr or Zohar”. One should say: ” I am performing such and such day’s Fajr.”
  4. If one has missed so many Farz Salaah that one does NOT remember the exact days when the Salaah was missed, then the Niyyat should be made as follows: “Oh Allah! I am performing the 1st Fajr or the 1st Zohar Farz from those which I have missed”.
  5. Continue doing this until satisfied that all the missed number of Salaah are performed.