What is Wudhu?

Wudhu is the Islamic procedure for washing parts of the body using water, typically in preparation for formal prayers (salaah), but also before handling and reading the Qur’an. Wudhu is often translated as “partial ablution”, as opposed to ghusl, or “full ablution”. Muslims who are unable to perform the prevailing form of ablution due to skin inflammation or scaling or a disability, they are recommended to perform tayammum.(Definition: Original source Wikipedia)

  1. What water is permissible for Wudhu?
  2. How to make Wudhu: (Detail)
  3. How to make Wudhu: (Summary Picture)
  4. How to make Wudhu: (Video)
  5. Farz of Wudhu
  6. Sunnats of Wudhu
  7. Mustahab of Wudhu
  8. Makrooh acts in Wudhu
  9. Nawaqis acts in Wudhu
  10. Masaa’il (rules) pertaining to Wudhu